Baking Classics with Ina Garten

I have always loved baking and I’m not sure if I have been doing it more this month because of all of the free-time I have or because my sweet tooth has gotten much bigger! But either way, my favorite baking recipes to follow are from Ina Garten. Most recently, I have made Ina’s Blondies with Chocolate Chunks and her classic Beatty’s Chocolate Cake.

Blondies with Chocolate Chunks and Vanilla Ice Cream

I made Ina’s Blondies the other night when I served salad as an entrĂ©e for dinner. I thought because of the lighter meal, I could make a fun dessert. My husband LOVED it! Ina traditionally makes this recipe in a square baking dish and uses walnuts. I don’t really care for walnuts and they are high in calories so I kept them out and just stuck with the chocolate chunks. I also baked this is a round cake pan because it was the first dish I found in my cabinet… it is a really easy recipe to follow and modify if you want to. I served it here with vanilla ice cream and it was sooo good!

Beatty’s Chocolate Cake

This Beatty’s Chocolate Cake recipe was also divine! It was relatively easy to make and I loved the little bit of coffee grounds Ina calls for in this cake, it just takes the whole recipe up another level. This was my first time making it and I will definitely make it again soon!

The great thing about most of Ina’s recipes–whether it is a cake recipe or scrambled eggs, she includes videos and lots of tutorials to help you master the dish, even if you have never cooked or baked in your life! I hope you enjoy these recipes and would love to hear how they turn out for you!



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