Brit’s Picks

As I reflect back on the past week, I’m rounding up my favorite items to share with you. From Sun hats to self-tanner, these are the items I am loving right now!

  1. Hanacure Mask 2. Tan Luxe–The Face 3. Agua by Agua Bendita Dragonfly Dress 4. Sarah Bray Sun Hat 5. The Sculpt Society App

The Hanacure face mask is a little bit pricey for an at-home mask at $29.99, but it is TOTALLY worth it! First of all, the packaging and way it is set up is so fun and it seems like you are doing something clinical, which I think is unique. Once you mix up the ingredients, you apply it on your face with the disposable brush they provide you and let the magic happen!

Within minutes, the gel like mask starts literally pulling your face back. It is really fun to look in the mirror throughout the process, because your face will look pretty different. Once you rinse it off, your face will look so refreshed and you will *almost* feel like you’ve just had a professional facial!

I purchased the Tan Luxe–The Face drops, a few weeks ago because I am a spray tan-addict and was getting quite pale. I was a bit skeptical and had never done at-home tanners before, but I was pleasantly surprised! For my face, I blended two drops of Tan Luxe with my Metacell Renewal B3 moisturizing gel and rubbed the two together in my hands before applying it on my face and neck.

Even though it is for the face, I wanted to see what it would look like on the rest of my body too, so I have also been blending the drops with my body moisturizer and applying it to my arms, legs and torso.

I am in love with this linen Agua by Agua Bendita Dragonfly dress! I found it in March at Moda Operendi and kept going back-and-forth about it because it is a little pricey. But luckily, Moda is offering 30 percent off of most of their styles right now with the code BEST30 and this dress was included so I took that as my sign to go ahead and get it!

This dress is just so precious to me and will be perfect for summertime! The linen is breathable, but provides coverage so the dress is not see-through and the dragonfly print is so lovely. I’m not sure if I will have any events to wear this to this summer, but it will also be perfect for having cocktails in my backyard!

Sarah Bray recently launched her beautiful sun hats with vintage ribbons and I could not be more excited for these them! Sarah is a well-established writer and editor who recently moved to Bermuda to be with her fiancée. If you follow her on instagram, you will see she has an impeccable eye for design and style and that comes through in these hats. She has not only created affordably-priced sun hats, but they are also chic and timeless. When ordering your hat, you can pick from 16 vintage ribbons to thread around the brim of the hat which is such a unique touch. You can order as many ribbons as you’d like so you can change the vibe of the hat depending on your mood or to match your outfit.

Finally, my other obsession this week is Megan Roup’s Sculpt Society. This app has been getting me through quarantine! About a month ago, I downloaded The Sculpt Society app and have been doing the workouts every day. Megan makes working out so accessible and fun and it is something I look forward to doing every day whether it is a 10-minute “quickie” dance cardio workout or a 50-minute full-body workout, you will feel so energized and refreshed when you’re done! If you don’t want to download the app, Megan has been posting live workouts on her instagram account that are great as well!

I hope you love all my picks this week!! Leave me a comment and let me know if you have tried any of these and what your favorite things are!



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