Bridgerton Style in 2021

Bridgerton might be the best thing that happened to television in 2020. The Regency period drama directed by the great Shonda Rhimes has brought intrigue, nostalgia and glamour to an otherwise bleak time. I have now watched it three times and since I can’t hop over to the Modiste for a new dress, I’ve scoured the internet to bring Regency glam to 2021.

Empire silhouettes are the hallmark of Regency style clothing. As evidenced by the clothing in Bridgerton, many of the ladies at the time favored pastel colors and delicate, flowy fabrics. In addition to the empire style, corsets were used during this period to shrink waistlines and accentuate the female figure.

Since the show aired on Christmas Day, “Regencycore” has been trending as the latest fashion phenomenon. Luckily, many designers have already added Regency-inspired designs to their collections. From Empire waistlines to bow embellishments and pretty pastels, you too, will be able to look like you’re heading out to promenade along the Thames.

What did you think of Bridgerton? Will you be rocking the Regencycore style?! Leave me a comment and let me know!



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