Five Minute Makeup Routine

Makeup has always been a hassle for me–something I hate having to put on, but also necessary to keep me looking somewhat put together. When I swapped my foundation for tinted sunscreen a few years ago, I felt like I could actually enjoy my day while wearing “makeup.” I add a few more elements to my five-minute makeup routine, check it out below!

Before I apply my makeup, I do my full skincare routine. Once that is all done, I start by applying the tinted sunscreen on my face and neck…I just use my hands to apply it. Next, I put on under eye concealer. I have been using the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Concealer in Shade 2. I cannot say enough good things about this concealer. I have dark circles and this concealer really makes them disappear. I apply the concealer using the wand it comes with and then I blend it using a Blending Sponge.

Next, I apply the bronzer. I love the Hoola Benefit Bronzer because it acts as a bronzer and contouring kit all in one. I use the brush the bronzer comes with to bronze and contour my face. Then, I apply another layer of concealer and finally, I add the Blush. I really love the blushes by Bobbi Brown because they don’t irritate my skin and I think they come in the most beautiful colors. To blend all of the makeup I use the large Luxie brush and I just love it.

I really only wear mascara for holidays and major events (even during a non-pandemic year) so I didn’t include it in this routine. From beginning to end, it should take you only five minutes to apply. It will leave you looking fresh-faced and dewy for the whole day!



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