Charlie’s First Birthday

This past weekend, my baby boy, Saint Charles “Charlie” McAshan, turned one! As many of you know, this little boy has brought so much joy to our lives and we were so excited to celebrate him. Although I did a terrible job of taking photos, I wanted to share the planning process and outcome of the party with all of you!

To celebrate this little boy properly, we decided to throw him a party! After a little discussing, we decided to make the theme of Charlie’s party frogs because of his obsession with his little frog toy. Nearly every day, Charlie will start crying at the base of the stairs and it’s because he wants his little frog from upstairs. It is literally the cutest thing so we went all in on the frog theme.

We wanted the party to be laid back so we ordered Torchy’s tacos for guests to snack on, served popcorn in these cute boxes and I made a fun dessert called “Frogs in the Pond” it is kind of like Worms in Dirt. We had a bunch of kids at the party and it was a hit with them, also the parents were ok with them eating it.

Frogs in the Pond

In addition to the food and snacks we served, I also ordered a custom cake from Hayley’s Cakes and Cookies for guests to enjoy. When I say we were blown away by how amazing it was, that is an understatement. I gave the Hayley’s Cakes team a very brief description of what we wanted and they created the coolest and most amazing cake for our boy!

Can you even? We were so in love with the cake Hayley’s Cakes created for Charlie’s birthday!

To be honest, of course we were excited to celebrate our sweet Charles, but it was also our first chance to celebrate with friends at our new house since we moved in last spring. In total, we had about 40 guests at our house throughout the day and it was an absolute blast. We are so thankful for my dad–who flew in from Montana and helped set up most of the party, and for our amazing friends and neighbors who came by to celebrate with us!

Hope you all loved seeing our baby’s first birthday party!



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