A Midsummer Date Night

We have had wild few weeks here in Austin! After finding out our lease couldn’t be renewed on our current house, we decided to buy our first house. While the process was wild–have you heard about the real estate market in Austin?!–we finally found a house and are moving in this weekend. To celebrate, I wore my current favorite dress. I love this dress because you can easily wear it during the day with tennis shoes or turn it into a sexy look for the evening.

Celebrating closing on our first house!! I wore the dress loosely here without attaching any of the buttons and paired it with my favorite Vejas.

To transition this look from day to evening, simply swap the tennis shoes for heels, add some hoop earnings and a great clutch. by fastening the buttons on the front and back, this dress goes from casual and comfy to chic and sexy.

Gypsy Water Perfume, Blue Shirt Dress, Hoop Earrings, Tan Strappy Heels, Tan Clutch

From day to night, I have been living in this dress. While it is a little bit pricey, I believe it is worth the money. Not only is it machine washable, it is also incredibly versatile. In the fall I plan to pair it with tan knee-high boots…stay tuned for that!



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