Spring and Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

Spring and Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

It seems that weddings are back in full swing which means you’ll need a refresh on your wedding guest attire. After more than a year of cancelled weddings and delayed engagements, it is so exciting to think about celebrating with loved ones and having weddings again.

A major wedding trend I’m seeing for this summer is the destination wedding, which I love! I’m all for traditional weddings, but destination weddings allow you and your guests let your hair down a bit more and you all get to enjoy a vacation together. For a destination wedding, I like to wear fun, elevated maxi dresses…here are a few I would wear if I were going.

Save: Blue and White Striped Maxi Dresses Moderate: Mint Green Staud Maxi Dress Splurge: PatBo Blossom Cutout Gown

Another wedding trend for this summer will be intimate daytime weddings held outdoors. For this occasion, I think wearing a beautiful sun dress is the best option. I love sticking to pastels for weddings, but since it’s summertime, maybe throw in a subtle pop of neon too.

Save: Baby Blue Dress Moderate: Lavender Midi Dress Splurge: Neon Midi Dress

For a more traditional wedding, I think the most popular dress code is cocktail attire. I can’t even remember the last time I wore a cocktail dress so it was so fun to look through cocktail dresses today. Here are a few I would wear for a wedding this summer.

Save: Hot Pink Zara Slip Dress Moderate: Periwinkle One Shoulder Midi Dress Splurge: Johanna Ortiz Tribal Dress

Now for black tie…if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I loathe reading “black tie” on an invitation. Not because I don’t love getting dressed up, but because it is often misinterpreted. Nine times out of 10 when you are invited to a black tie wedding, most of the female guests are just dressed in really nice cocktail dresses and you show up in a gown and feel like a fool. BUT for the one time out of ten that guests are actually in gowns, I live for that wedding and I am here for it.

Just as an aside to all brides…please don’t say you are having a black tie wedding if it isn’t super formal! It is really confusing to guests and pretty unnecessary. So if your wedding starts before 6 p.m. or isn’t a formal seated dinner, consider putting “elevated cocktail” as your dress code.

Now back to ACTUAL black tie or white tie wedding guest dresses…. here are a few of my favorites that I would love to wear this summer! Let’s start with this beautiful blush number by Katie May. I love Katie May because her dresses are made well, look amazing and come at an even better price point. If you’re wanting to spend a bit more, I also love formal dresses by Chiara Boni La Petite Robe. They come at a moderate price point and look amazing on all body types. Now, if you’re wanting to SPLURGE…take a look at this citrus inspired gown by Oscar de la Renta!! I mean, it is the dress of my dreams. If I had been invited to a fancy wedding on the Amalfi Coast in Italy this summer, I would definitely be showing up in this.

Save: Blush Gown Moderate: Floral One Shoulder Gown Splurge: Oscar de la Renta Lemon Gown

Are you going to any weddings this spring or summer? Which dress code is your favorite?

Leave me a comment and let me know!



Fall Wedding Guest Dresses by Dress Code and Price Point

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses by Dress Code and Price Point

I know it sounds crazy because of the recent spike in COVID cases, but I went to a wedding last weekend (my first since January). I have to admit that I was nervous to go, but since it was the wedding of one of my husband’s best friends, I sucked it up, treated myself to some fancy new face masks and tagged along with my hubs.

The wedding ended up being beautiful and in a huge church so guests had room to spread out. Everyone wore masks and had temperature checks and the reception was all outdoors so I felt really comfortable being there. Attending this wedding made me think about dressing up again because lord knows it has been a minute since most of us have been able to do that and I wanted to share some beautiful dresses with all of you in case you’re attending a wedding this fall!

Me and my hubby at a wedding last weekend. **We did wear face masks at the wedding at only took them off for this picture!**

While I ended up wearing one of my favorite dresses from a last year, I was a little stressed about what to wear.

The invitation said black tie, which traditionally means formal and floor-length, but I had a gut feeling that I would be overdressed in a gown, which my husband and mother-in-law confirmed. As my mother-in-law said, black tie is more for the men to wear tuxedos and for the women to wear elevated cocktails dresses in New Orleans, but that may not be the case where you are. I think good indicators of what a dress code really means are the time of the wedding (after 6 p.m. is definitely more formal) and the location of the wedding and reception.

Let’s start with perhaps the most common dress code, cocktail. Since most weddings are in the evening, cocktail attire is generally on the invitation. For men this means a nice suit and for women it means a nice dress, usually around knee length.

Navy Blue Lace Dress, Tan Heels, Sheer Blush Dress, Metallic Platforms, Burgundy Silk Dress, Tan Bow Heels
I love this burgundy silk dress for a fall wedding. I think it could pass for sure for a cocktail dress code and for black tie optional.

Things get trickier when couples list “Black Tie” as the dress code for their weddings. Traditionally, black tie means to wear a floor length gown, but that is often not the case at these weddings that request black tie on the invitation. For men, black tie does mean to wear a tuxedo or very nice suit, but for women it can in some cases mean a gown, but more often than not, it really means an elevated cocktail dress.

If you’re invited to a wedding that really is formal…say a night time wedding at a really fancy location like a fabulous ballroom or if the couple has rented out a museum , then you will want to go with a floor-length gown.

Navy Blue Off the Shoulder Gown, Tan Heels, Black Halter Gown, Black Strappy Heels, Black and Pink One Shoulder Bow Gown, Black Heels with Sparkly Bow

I love this black gown for weddings or any formal event you might have in the future. It is timeless, elegant and beautiful.

As we all know, weddings have been thrown for a loop by coronavirus and one trend I’ve noticed springing up is outdoor day weddings. Inspired by the outdoors and rustic decor, I would wear a casual flowy dress (even a bit prairie) with a great pair of boots to a wedding like this!

Green Plaid Dress, Tan Boots, Floral Black Shirt Dress, Navy Blue Wrap Dress, Tan Boots, Blue Bohemian Dress, Tan Boots

My favorite dress this fall! Perfect for a fun lunch out or a rustic outdoor wedding.

If you do have a wedding you’re contemplating going to, make sure you feel comfortable going and if you do go, make a plan. I made sure I had face masks and lots of hand sanitizer in my bag and tried to keep enough distance between myself and other guests. But most of all, have fun! We are living in a crazy time so we deserve to have a little *healthy and safe* fun!