Brit’s Holiday Gift Guides

Brit’s Holiday Gift Guides

With Hanukkah in full swing and exactly two weeks until Christmas, we are down to the wire on ordering gifts, y’all! For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing gift guides for all of the people in your life–friends, significant others, parents, in-laws, grand parents, siblings and co-workers. From stocking stuffers to luxury items, I am sharing all of my gift guides here on the blog today.

Most stores should be able to deliver items before Christmas if you order this weekend! Happy shopping and let me know what you loved most from the gift guides!



Brit’s Holiday Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers

Brit’s Holiday Gift Guide for Stocking Stuffers

Can you believe Christmas is a mere three weeks away?! Growing up and even still today, Christmas stockings were one of my favorite parts of the holiday. I think I love stocking stuffers so much because they are like little extra gifts that you weren’t expecting, but that can be so amazing! Today I’m sharing stocking stuffer gift guides for women, men and children.

Hayley Menzies Tee, Laneige Lip Set, Beautybio Eye Masks, Stoney Clover Travel Pouch, Crushed Candy Cane Candle, Silk Face Mask, Beauty Blender Set,
Kiehl’s Lip Balm Set, Barefoot Dreams Socks, Jelly Bow Flip Flops

A t-shirt might seem slightly odd as a stocking stuffer, but I absolutely LOVE this Hayley Menzies leopard tee! I think it is an amazing stocking stuffer that so many women of all ages would love. You can pair it with jeans, a fun leopard skirt, leather leggings or even sweats and it is so chic.

Whether you’re traveling right now or just organizing your life, a clear pouch is so useful. Stoney Clover makes the cutest bags, pouches and masks and what I love most about them is that you can personalize them any way you like. From pink plush letting to rainbows and hearts, you can create the bag of your dreams or for the lucky ladies in your life.

Little beauty treats are always fun in a Christmas stocking so I would suggest throwing in some lip balms for sure. My personal favorites are from Kiehl’s and Laneige. Most women use beauty blenders to apply their makeup so this Beauty Blender combo set is the perfect gift. I love candles and seem to buy them for everyone for every occasion so when I found this crushed candy cane candle, I was way too excited! It is the perfect little holiday treat for everyone.

Since we’re all wearing face masks right now, why not have a nice one? I have been loving the Slip silk face masks and they’re definitely pricier than the average mask, but they make a beautiful gift and are very well made.

Of course we can’t forget about the feet and during the winter months I live in fuzzy socks and the Barefoot Dreams socks are the gold standard. They come in multiple colors and your loved ones will love them. I know flip flops are a little random as a stocking stuffer, but these adorable bow sandals from Amazon are too cute not to share! I just got a pair and can’t wait to wear them in Miami next month. They also come in a number of colors, but the nude is my favorite.

Airpods, Jack Black Skin Care Set, Black Tea Lip Balm, Sleeve of Golf Balls, Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky, Sustainable Socks,
Watercolor Playing Cards

Not that AirPods need much of an explanation, but basically if anyone in your life doesn’t have these, get them a set! I LOVE mine and it is so nice not having to mess around with wires anymore.

I don’t use male skin care products, but I do buy them for my husband and I have been loving the Jack Black products for him. They smell like a light, refreshing tea and my husband’s skin looks great. This kit or the lip balm will be a great addition to your man’s Christmas Stocking.

If you have a golfer in your life, I think a sleeve of golf balls is a great idea for a stocking stuffer. Men always run out of golf balls whether they’d like to admit it or not so these will be much appreciated.

If you’re looking for great gifts for the men in your life, I would highly recommend checking out Manready Mercantile. My husband and I know the owners well and they have the most unique gifts. From handmade candles to leather goods and fashions, this store has it all. I will definitely be getting my hubby the Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky and a set of sustainable socks. I know that sounds random, but I bought him a pair last year when Manready had their pop-up at the Nutcracker Market and I actually liked them so much that they are now basically mine so grab yourself a pair too! If you’re looking for another sock option for your man, I really like these playing card socks from Saks.

If a man in your life is from Texas, Louisiana or Florida or has some affinity for this part of the country, I would definitely suggest getting them a set of these beautiful watercolor playing cards. My husband is from New Orleans and his family has a home in Florida and many of them live in Texas now so I’ve bought several sets of these cards for his family this Christmas and I cannot wait to see how they react!

The Very Brave Lion, Plush Lion, Kitty Cat Face Mask, Dinosaur Face Mask, Reindeer Sparkle Pops, Electric Toothbrush, Christmas Growing Tree Kit, Sushi Kit,
Boys Graphic Briefs, Disney Princess Bikini Briefs, Pet Vet Play Set

I have it on very good authority (from my bestie Ava who is three) that The Very Brave Lion is a great book. Pair it with this plush lion and I think you will have a very happy little one.

Since were all wearing face masks, grab your little ones a fun animal one! I love the kitty cat and dinosaur options from Nordstrom.

For some fun toys for the kiddos, I love this Christmas tree growing kit, sushi bento box play set and of course the pet vet play set.

For more practical needs, these fun electric toothbrushes will liven up bathroom time for your littles and I think they will also love these undies sets!

I hope you’ve loved all of my gift guides! What have been your favorite items so far and what do you need more of? Leave me a comment and let me know!!



Brit’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies in Your Life

Brit’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies in Your Life

Happy Friday, my friends! As promised, I have another fun set of gift guides for you this week and they are for the ladies in your life. From the woman who has everything to your co-workers, friends, teachers and even yourself, I’ve got the perfect gifts for you!

Let’s start with the gifts for friends, co-workers, teachers and neighbors. We all have these people in our lives, but they are probably not our main focus for gift-giving during the holidays. If you’re looking for an adorable gift without spending a lot of money, I would suggest giving miniature bags of Tate’s cookies to your acquaintances and tie the bags with a red ribbon. I did this a few years ago for my co-workers, my husband co-workers and our neighbors and people loved it! It’s affordable, adorable and delicious!

1. Watercolor Playing Cards 2. Veuve and Sugarfina Gift Set 3. Apres Ski Sleeping Mask 4. Monogrammed Mug 5. Diptyque Candle 6. Vintage tree ornaments 7. Starbucks Tumbler 8. Slip Silk Face Mask 9. Monogrammed Mug 10. Sugarfina Cranberry Cocktail Bears 11. Sugarfina Holiday Caramels 12. Tates Mini Cookie Bags with Red Ribbon 13. Shiraz on the Shelf

Based on the feedback from my polls a few weeks ago, it seems like you all have a lot of ladies in your lives who seemingly have everything. For these women, I think getting them something beautiful or unique is the way to go when thinking of gift giving.

1. Organic Cotton Loungewear Set 2. Rialto Coupe Glasses 3. Cocktail Scented Candle 4. Retro Chic Veuve 5. Charging Pad for Apple Electronics 6. Bon Bon Cocktail Glasses 7. Starry Night Clutch 8. Shearling Sandal 9. Hermes Silk Scarf 10. Rose Scented Bubbles 11. Toilet Paper Ornament 12. Burgundy Coffee Table Book

While many of you said you won’t be buying gifts for yourself this year, I decided to still create a gift guide in case you want to treat yourself! These are my dream gifts and I hope to one day be able to buy them all for myself, but until then, I’ll just have fun creating beautiful gift guides for all of you!

I hope you all have enjoyed the gift guides this week! Is there anything you’re still looking for for yourself or your loved ones? Leave me a comment and let me know! Come back next week to see my gift guides for stocking stuffers! Hope you have a great weekend!