A Midsummer Date Night

A Midsummer Date Night

We have had wild few weeks here in Austin! After finding out our lease couldn’t be renewed on our current house, we decided to buy our first house. While the process was wild–have you heard about the real estate market in Austin?!–we finally found a house and are moving in this weekend. To celebrate, I wore my current favorite dress. I love this dress because you can easily wear it during the day with tennis shoes or turn it into a sexy look for the evening.

Celebrating closing on our first house!! I wore the dress loosely here without attaching any of the buttons and paired it with my favorite Vejas.

To transition this look from day to evening, simply swap the tennis shoes for heels, add some hoop earnings and a great clutch. by fastening the buttons on the front and back, this dress goes from casual and comfy to chic and sexy.

Gypsy Water Perfume, Blue Shirt Dress, Hoop Earrings, Tan Strappy Heels, Tan Clutch

From day to night, I have been living in this dress. While it is a little bit pricey, I believe it is worth the money. Not only is it machine washable, it is also incredibly versatile. In the fall I plan to pair it with tan knee-high boots…stay tuned for that!



Snow Day in Austin

Snow Day in Austin

Snow has come to Austin! When I checked the weather the other day and saw snow on the report for this weekend, I thought it might be a light dusting, but we have had actual snowfall all day. It is beautiful and we have had the best day as a family playing in it (Charlie for the first time ever!)

Growing up in Utah, I loved skiing, but a whole winter of snow and cold temperatures was never really my thing. Now that I know I’ll be back in 65 degree temperatures by Thursday, one day of snow actually seems pretty nice. To stay warm, I broke out all of my winter clothes that I normally pack for trips to Montana and Utah, and my husband has been cooking his bolognese all day.

Grey Pom Hat, Sunglasses, Black Jacket, Black Scarf, Black Leggings, Smartwool Socks, Sorel Boots, Grey Gloves

One thing I’ve learned about surviving cold weather is that it’s more important to be warm than cute… something I wish I would have grasped in middle school. A few years ago I finally broke down and bought the Sorel boots with rubber soles and fur tops. I always thought they were the most atrocious boots, but they have saved my life and mood in the cold! I used to try to wear my Ugg boots everywhere, but once they are wet, you get SO cold!! These boots may not be the cutest, but they keep you warm and dry all day. Underneath my boots, I always wear Smartwool socks, they are the best and wool is a great insulator.

No matter the season, you’ll find me in my Lululemon Align leggings. They work for a yoga class in the summer and for skiing in winter, and especially well for lounging around the house all day. I’m so sad that my Burberry jacket isn’t made anymore because it is one of my all time favorite pieces. It works for several climates because of the liner that is easily removable and it is water-resistant with a stylish hood.

To accessorize my winter look, I threw on my favorite Zara scarf, fluffy hat, Gucci dupe sunglasses and cozy cashmere gloves. I will say that cashmere gloves are not the most practical option in the snow and they are dry clean only, but they are SO soft and feel like blankets on my hands so I love wearing them.

Our first snow day as a family of three!

Of course on a day like this, you have to cook something that will warm your soul so my husband made his bolognese. Several years ago when we were in Napa after hitting a few vineyards on a freezing day, we had lunch in Yountville at Bottega and we had the best bolognese we’ve ever had. After that lunch, Will studied the bolognese and the ingredients they used and obsessively watched Frank Prisinzano cooking videos to create the perfect bolognese.

Will says that contrary to public opinion, bolognese is a meat-based sauce, not a tomato-based sauce. Much like Frankie P, Will does not consider this a recipe, but rather a method so it’s not like the other step-by-step recipes I’ve shared with you all before.

Will whipping up his delicious bolognese!

Will’s Bolognese Method


¼ lb. Pork

¼ lb. Ground Beef

¼ lb. Lamb

4 Carrots

4 Stalks of Celery

1 Yellow Onion

A few pinches of salt

Pepper to taste

Olive Oil

Whole Milk

White Wine 

Chicken Broth

1 can Tomato Paste

1 Bay Leaf

Parmesan Cheese

To Make: 

  • Heat olive oil in a deep pan and add salt and pepper. Add all three meats to the olive oil and sauté until brown. 
  • Roughly chop vegetables and add them to a food processor. Pulse until blended. Add vegetable mixture to the browned beef.
  • Add white wine to the beef and vegetables and cook until there is no moisture. 
  • Add tomato paste and combine.
  • Add milk and broth to the mixture and turn heat to low. 
  • Add bay leaf and let mixture simmer for at least 30 minutes but could be several hours if you want.
  • Serve over pasta of your choice and top with freshly grated parmesan.
  • Enjoy!!
Voila! Will’s perfect Bolognese!

I hope you all love this bolognese “method” as much as we do and that you are all staying warm tonight! Happy Sunday friends, I hope you have a great week ahead of you!



New Years Eve Looks

New Years Eve Looks

2020 is coming to an end in just two days. Can you even believe it?! In addition to being rid of what has been the toughest year for many of us, we will finally get a chance to celebrate a new year beginning. Whether you’re celebrating at home, going to dinner or getting together with a few friends, I am sharing some beautiful outfit options for you to wear during this festive time.

This year my husband and I will be celebrating New Years Eve with Champagne and shucking oysters on the beach. We are in the northern part of Florida so the days are sunny and beautiful with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. I’ll be wearing an outfit much like the one below…a chic sweater, my favorite Levi’s and some slippers that are easy to slip on and off when I’m walking in the sand. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but lately, I’ve been needing to carry a big bag with me to hold everything I need from masks to wipes and toys for my dog and this tan Ampersand Apostrophe tote is perfect for me!

If you’re going out for the night, I’ve chosen one look based on what I wore last year and a new one based on a shining golden star.

Last year we had the most wonderful dinner in New Orleans with friends for New Years Eve. I wore a Retrofête dress with black heels and absolutely loved my look. I think if I did it again, I would have added green earrings to add a little color to my look.

I ABSOLUTELY love this look and would definitely be wearing it if we were going out this year. I normally wear darker colors on NYE, but something about the golden starriness of this look makes me happy and hopeful for a new year. Of course I had to pair it with the starry night clutch, because what else would you wear with a starry look?

Star Tiara, Silk Sleeping Mask, Feather Pajamas, Star Blowers, Black Mule Heels

Because of COVID, I’m guessing that most of us will be staying in on NYE night. But staying in doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! I am totally obsessed with this party at home look and will probably be wearing it myself on NYE. Let me just start with the shoes…run, don’t walk to get these! They are Sam Edelman and currently on sale at Nordstrom. I bought myself a pair and are SO happy with them. They look like the very trendy Amina Muaddi heels but for a fraction of the price. Whether you’re wearing them with feather pajamas and sipping champagne on your couch or pairing them with leather leggings and going out to dinner, these shoes are stunning!

I also highly recommend getting yourself a pair of Sleeper feather pajamas. They are so fun and luxurious that I know you will love them. I save mine for special occasions like my birthday or Christmas, but they are also quite perfect for NYE at home. Throw on a starry tiara, a sleeping mask and some festive blowers and you will no doubt be the best dressed at home.

I hope you all love these looks and have a safe, happy and healthy NYE and an even better 2021!!



Fall Wedding Guest Dresses by Dress Code and Price Point

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses by Dress Code and Price Point

I know it sounds crazy because of the recent spike in COVID cases, but I went to a wedding last weekend (my first since January). I have to admit that I was nervous to go, but since it was the wedding of one of my husband’s best friends, I sucked it up, treated myself to some fancy new face masks and tagged along with my hubs.

The wedding ended up being beautiful and in a huge church so guests had room to spread out. Everyone wore masks and had temperature checks and the reception was all outdoors so I felt really comfortable being there. Attending this wedding made me think about dressing up again because lord knows it has been a minute since most of us have been able to do that and I wanted to share some beautiful dresses with all of you in case you’re attending a wedding this fall!

Me and my hubby at a wedding last weekend. **We did wear face masks at the wedding at only took them off for this picture!**

While I ended up wearing one of my favorite dresses from a last year, I was a little stressed about what to wear.

The invitation said black tie, which traditionally means formal and floor-length, but I had a gut feeling that I would be overdressed in a gown, which my husband and mother-in-law confirmed. As my mother-in-law said, black tie is more for the men to wear tuxedos and for the women to wear elevated cocktails dresses in New Orleans, but that may not be the case where you are. I think good indicators of what a dress code really means are the time of the wedding (after 6 p.m. is definitely more formal) and the location of the wedding and reception.

Let’s start with perhaps the most common dress code, cocktail. Since most weddings are in the evening, cocktail attire is generally on the invitation. For men this means a nice suit and for women it means a nice dress, usually around knee length.

Navy Blue Lace Dress, Tan Heels, Sheer Blush Dress, Metallic Platforms, Burgundy Silk Dress, Tan Bow Heels
I love this burgundy silk dress for a fall wedding. I think it could pass for sure for a cocktail dress code and for black tie optional.

Things get trickier when couples list “Black Tie” as the dress code for their weddings. Traditionally, black tie means to wear a floor length gown, but that is often not the case at these weddings that request black tie on the invitation. For men, black tie does mean to wear a tuxedo or very nice suit, but for women it can in some cases mean a gown, but more often than not, it really means an elevated cocktail dress.

If you’re invited to a wedding that really is formal…say a night time wedding at a really fancy location like a fabulous ballroom or if the couple has rented out a museum , then you will want to go with a floor-length gown.

Navy Blue Off the Shoulder Gown, Tan Heels, Black Halter Gown, Black Strappy Heels, Black and Pink One Shoulder Bow Gown, Black Heels with Sparkly Bow

I love this black gown for weddings or any formal event you might have in the future. It is timeless, elegant and beautiful.

As we all know, weddings have been thrown for a loop by coronavirus and one trend I’ve noticed springing up is outdoor day weddings. Inspired by the outdoors and rustic decor, I would wear a casual flowy dress (even a bit prairie) with a great pair of boots to a wedding like this!

Green Plaid Dress, Tan Boots, Floral Black Shirt Dress, Navy Blue Wrap Dress, Tan Boots, Blue Bohemian Dress, Tan Boots

My favorite dress this fall! Perfect for a fun lunch out or a rustic outdoor wedding.

If you do have a wedding you’re contemplating going to, make sure you feel comfortable going and if you do go, make a plan. I made sure I had face masks and lots of hand sanitizer in my bag and tried to keep enough distance between myself and other guests. But most of all, have fun! We are living in a crazy time so we deserve to have a little *healthy and safe* fun!



Brit’s Picks

Brit’s Picks

It is feeling like fall here in Austin, y’all and I am here for it!! This was my first summer in Austin and I was shocked at how hot/unbearable it was! So of course when I got a whiff of this 65 degree weather, I jumped on my chance to try out some of my new fall clothes!

Although many thought the “modern prairie” trend would not last, I’m happy to report that it is here to stay. I love feminine dresses with long sleeves so if that makes me look like I’m from Little House on the Prairie, then I’m totally ok with that!

1. Green Sweater 2. Leopard Face Mask 3. Gold Face Mask Chain 4. Green Plaid Dress 5. Wooden Hoop Earrings 6. Roxanne Assoulian Bracelets 7. English Factory Sweater Dress 8. Vintage Denim 9. Louis Vuitton “On the Go” Look Alike 10. Grey Celine Nano Belt Bag 11. Golden Goose Western Boots 12. Gucci Loafers 13. Stutterheim Raincoat

I recently picked up this plaid green dress by Sister Jane and am so in love with it! The fabric is a bit heavier than I expected, but it is beautiful in person and really well made! I’ve paired it here with a pair of old Zara boots that have since sold out, but I’ve linked a similar pair here, and my grey Celine Belt Bag. If boots are too heavy for the climate you’re in right now, I would suggest wearing this dress with tan ballet flats or even slide sandals.

If you’re looking for a for a casual fall uniform, look no further than this combo! I’m a sucker for anything green so this Cupcakes and Cashmere Sweater speaks to me on so many levels! The simplicity of the sweater and classic Moussy jeans (currently on sale) leave a perfect opening for these amazing Gucci loafers! Will be running all of my errands in this look for the next few months! If you’re looking to add a little more color to your look, I would suggest this amazing set of blush-toned bracelets from Roxanne Assoulian, they are 80 percent off right now at Moda Operandi! I know Christmas is still a few months away, but if you have ladies you need to buy gifts for, these make a fabulous stocking stuffer!

I also love a good raincoat for fall and when I saw this beige beauty from Stutterheim I got all of the Julia Roberts vibes in Notting Hill!! I like this one particularly because of the weight and it is just effortlessly chic.

Which clothing items and trends are you most excited about for fall?! Leave me a comment and let me know! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some nice fall weather!



Brit’s Picks: Endless Summer

Brit’s Picks: Endless Summer

Labor Day is the definitive sign that summer is coming to a close. Although I don’t particularly subscribe to the belief that you can’t wear white after Labor Day, I do believe it’s a time to start transitioning your wardrobe.

I’m loving these pieces because they are good any time of year (especially in Texas) and can help you transition from Summer to Fall seamlessly.

1. Gucci Dupe Sunnies 2. Pink Bottega Venetta Pouch 3. Free People Sun Hat 4. Pink Hunza G Swimsuit 5. Pink Sweater 6. Have a Nice Day T-shirt 7. Birkin Pool Float 8. Glitter Beach Balls 9. White Crop Frame Jeans 10. Tan Hermes Sandals 11. Leopard Ganni Shorts 12. Golden Goose Sneakers

I hope you have the best Labor Day Weekend and wear your white jeans and dresses as much as you can!



Brit’s Picks

Brit’s Picks

Happy Friday, loves!! I am so excited about this long weekend and finally having a chance to hangout and relax with my husband and friends.

I have been living in this Ro’s Garden cover up this summer and I’m wearing it here with my favorite Trina Turk “Spicy” Clutch. I ordered it in a size small and love the loose fit…it is perfect to wear for a long day on the beach or the boat. It is one of those dresses that you can easily throw on to run in to grab lunch or comfortably wear on the beach all day because of its light-weight and breezy fabric. I also love the red and pink flowers on it– you could even wear it for the Fourth of July tomorrow with a blue swimsuit. I wore it here with my favorite tan slides, but how cute would it be with the Melissa heart pool sandals?! And of course no summer outfit is complete without a pair of sunglasses and my current favorites are these Gucci lookalike sunnies from Amazon…I swear you cannot tell the difference from the real ones, but they are only $12.99!! These do sell out quickly so be sure to grab yours soon!

1. Gucci Lookalike sunnies 2. Ganni Polka Dot Midi Dress 3. Hermes Face Mask 4. Staud Maxi Dress 5. Juicytube–Spring Fling 6. Spiritual Gangster Tee 7. Prada Slides 8. Ro’s Garden Caroline Cover up 9. Alo Biker Shorts 10. Slip Sleep Mist 11. J.Crew Cotton Pajamas 12. Melissa Heart Pool Sandals

Face masks have become this summer’s hottest accessory and how chic are these Hermes masks?! In addition to being uber-stylish in these masks, the proceeds from the masks are donated towards the purchase of diabetic alert service dogs for children and teens. If you’re looking for a little glam under your face mask, my favorite lip gloss from middle school is back! Lancome’s Juicy Tubes are back!! My favorite shade is SringFling…it’s the perfect dewey pink gloss!

Saks Fifth Avenue has some of the cutest new dresses in for summer and I am drooling over them!! The white Staud maxi dress with multi-colored lining is such a perfect dress, whether you’re staying at home or going to brunch with your friends. I am also in love with this new Ganni polka dot dress. Both dresses would pair perfectly with Prada’s Raffia slide sandals.

Ever since I’ve started going back to the gym after quarantine, I’ve changed my workout style. I have been loving oversized Spiritual Gangster tee shirts (the SOFTEST!! material) and pairing them with biker shorts which I never thought I’d say!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had trouble sleeping the past few nights. The J.crew cotton pajamas are my absolute favorite–they are breathable and light, but offer coverage, which is perfect for summer in Texas. They are also 50 percent off right now with the code GOFOURTH. I’m hoping new pajamas and the chamomile sleep mist from Slip will help me get back into a regular sleep schedule soon.

I hope you all have a safe and healthy Fourth of July and enjoy all of my picks this week!



Brit’s Picks: Fourth of July 🌟

Brit’s Picks: Fourth of July 🌟

Happy Friday, y’all!! Can you believe we are just a week away from Fourth of July celebrations?! Today I’m sharing my favorite patriotic finds to complete your party preparations! From your attire to decor, I’ve got you covered!

Are you still searching for the perfect Fourth of July decor for your party?! Target and Amazon have the cutest patriotic decorations at affordable prices and you will be able to get them in time for your celebration! I’m a big fan of stars so of course I love banners and garland made with red, white and blue stars. I also think these Meri Meri confetti rockets are a fabulous party favor for your friends and family.

As far as my Fourth of July outfit, I will be wearing my new Daily Sleeper Atlanta dress! I ordered mine in a size small and in the “Azure Blue” color. I love the color of this dress and how feminine and comfortable it is. As much as I do love this dress, it did take two months to be delivered so I wouldn’t recommend planning on wearing it immediately, but I will say, it is totally worth the wait.

For other festive looks, I would pair the USA crop top or the beautiful Mi Golondrina top with a pair of white L’Agence Margot high-rise jeans. This is my all-time favorite pair of jeans…I have them in white and a classic blue and get so many compliments whenever I wear them.

I also love the white LoveShackFancyxTarget dress for a festive option….you can pair it with some turquoise earrings and maybe a red bow in your hair and you with have the perfect outfit. I ordered this dress online in a size 2 and it fits perfectly. It looks almost exactly like the LoveShackFancy Edie dress, but much more affordable. It’s still in stock in a few sizes at Target, you don’t want to miss this one! I shared this navy blue polka dot dress from Tory Burch last week and I had to share it again because it is just too cute and it is now under $200. This is a quintessential Fourth of July dress and would be so cute with a red headband or jewelry to show your American pride.

If you’re hitting the beach, pool or the lake, I would suggest this gorgeous high-waisted red bikini from Mara Hoffman. I have a few bikinis from Mara Hoffman and I normally wear a small in the top and medium in the bottoms. These swimsuits are definitely an investment, but they fit perfectly and are made so well… you can keep them for years!

No outfit is complete without a great pair of shoes and for this Fourth of July, I will be wearing the Zara bow slides. They just got marked down to $35 and are a perfect neutral for summer. If you’re looking to splurge this holiday weekend, look no further than these chambray Chanel beauties or these chic Gucci slides. They are the perfect compliment to any patriotic look you have planned!

Whether you’re barbecuing with family, going out on the boat or the beach for the fourth, you will definitely need a festive face mask and of course, Evian face mist to beat the heat!

What are your plans for the Fourth? Leave me a comment and let me know! Hope you are all staying safe, happy and healthy this weekend!



Amazon Favorites for Cinco de Mayo

Amazon Favorites for Cinco de Mayo
  1. Llama Pinatas – 3 pack 2. Fiesta Balloon 3. Mexican Embroidered Babydoll Blouse Top 4. Floral Embroidered Pillow 5. Cactus Margarita Glasses – 4 Pack 6. Cloud Pouch – Bottega Dupe 7. Vintage Oversized Hexagon Sunglasses – Gucci Dupe 8. Red Tassel Earrings 9. Hermès look-alike sandals 10. Bamboo and Silicone Utensil Set 11. Guacamole Serving Dish 12. Veja Sneakers 13. Striped Sweater 14. The Austin Cookbook

In keeping with the Cinco de Mayo spirit, I’m sharing my favorite things on Amazon this week. My absolute favorite item is this pair of Gucci look-alike sunglasses… I wear them every day and get so many compliments. They look exactly like the actual pair of Gucci sunnies, but cost only $14.99!

What are you buying on Amazon this week? Share your favorites below!