To avoid more chipping and breaking, I recently ordered a set of Static Nails glue-on nails…rounded and in the color Sugar Floss. It took about a week for the set of nails to get in and it comes with a double set of nails, glue and a file for shaping.

I was really impressed with the color, its kind of a blend of two of my favorite OPI colors, Mod About You and Bubble Bath and the shape was beautiful. Because I’m a bit clumsy and I cook a lot, I did trim down the nails, but they were easy to cut and I just filed them a bit to get the square-round shape I like.

After a week, two of the nails popped off, but they are easy to glue right back on or you can use a new nail from the set.

Thinking back to when I went to the nail salon on a regular basis, I’m not sure if I actually enjoyed going or if it was just so engrained in my routine. Taking two hours out of your day when you have to work and run errands and do all of the other things that normal life requires, can be a lot. I’ve also been skeptical about the cleanliness of nail salons for many years and I imagine when life resumes after all of this, those concerns will still be valid.

At $14 for a set, Static Nails look as good as a professional manicure and don’t even take 20 minutes to apply. I think in the future, if I’m short on time for a vacation or having a busy week, I will gladly use these again.

Have you tried press-on nails or Static Nails lately? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!



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