valentines day


Valentine’s Day is almost here! I wouldn’t say Valentine’s Day is my absolute favorite holiday, but I do love it because I love all things pink! From pink sweaters and dresses to my favorite gift and party decorations, I’m sharing all of my love day favorites with you.

Pink Striped Sweater, Pink and White Chanel Heart Necklace, Pink Mini Kelly Look Alike, Red Midi Dress, Hot Pink Dog Sweater, Valentines, Pink and Red Feather Pajamas, Light Wash Jeans, Cinderella Slippers, Blush Pink Lip Volumizer, Pink Floral Slides, Peony Pink Midi Dress, Veuve Rosé, Heart Sleep Shirt, Pink Glass Vase, Pink Glass Vase, Hanky Panky Valentine’s Day Set, Heart Straw Bag, Pink Teddy Bear Birkenstocks, Rose Prick Candle

If you are looking for festive Valentine’s Day apparel, I cannot recommend this Red Midi Dress enough. I wore it for Christmas and the Sugar Bowl and plan to wear it a lot this month too. I also LOVE this Peony Pink Midi Dress. I also have it in white, but got the pink for my sister’s baby shower and am absolutely in love with it! I just bout this Pink Striped Sweater and have been pairing it with these Light Wash Jeans. Depending on where you live, these Pink Floral Slides might be the perfect way to complete your vday look! Pretty pajamas are always fun for Valentine’s Day and you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous Pink and Red Feather Pajamas or this adorable Heart Sleep Shirt. VIRTUAL GENDER REVEAL PARTY

I also love getting and giving gifts for Valentine’s Day…nothing over the top, but everything is just so cute that they all make me so happy. I LOVE this Heart Straw Bag and it can be used year-round, am dying over these Pink Teddy Bear Birkenstocks, need this Hot Pink Dog Sweater for Charlie and can’t live without my Blush Pink Lip Volumizer. I think these Pink and White Chanel Heart Necklaces or a Rose Prick Candle would be such fun gifts for a friend.

I hope you all have the most incredible Valentine’s Day filled with a whole lot of love!



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