Brit’s Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies in Your Life

Happy Friday, my friends! As promised, I have another fun set of gift guides for you this week and they are for the ladies in your life. From the woman who has everything to your co-workers, friends, teachers and even yourself, I’ve got the perfect gifts for you!

Let’s start with the gifts for friends, co-workers, teachers and neighbors. We all have these people in our lives, but they are probably not our main focus for gift-giving during the holidays. If you’re looking for an adorable gift without spending a lot of money, I would suggest giving miniature bags of Tate’s cookies to your acquaintances and tie the bags with a red ribbon. I did this a few years ago for my co-workers, my husband co-workers and our neighbors and people loved it! It’s affordable, adorable and delicious!

1. Watercolor Playing Cards 2. Veuve and Sugarfina Gift Set 3. Apres Ski Sleeping Mask 4. Monogrammed Mug 5. Diptyque Candle 6. Vintage tree ornaments 7. Starbucks Tumbler 8. Slip Silk Face Mask 9. Monogrammed Mug 10. Sugarfina Cranberry Cocktail Bears 11. Sugarfina Holiday Caramels 12. Tates Mini Cookie Bags with Red Ribbon 13. Shiraz on the Shelf

Based on the feedback from my polls a few weeks ago, it seems like you all have a lot of ladies in your lives who seemingly have everything. For these women, I think getting them something beautiful or unique is the way to go when thinking of gift giving.

1. Organic Cotton Loungewear Set 2. Rialto Coupe Glasses 3. Cocktail Scented Candle 4. Retro Chic Veuve 5. Charging Pad for Apple Electronics 6. Bon Bon Cocktail Glasses 7. Starry Night Clutch 8. Shearling Sandal 9. Hermes Silk Scarf 10. Rose Scented Bubbles 11. Toilet Paper Ornament 12. Burgundy Coffee Table Book

While many of you said you won’t be buying gifts for yourself this year, I decided to still create a gift guide in case you want to treat yourself! These are my dream gifts and I hope to one day be able to buy them all for myself, but until then, I’ll just have fun creating beautiful gift guides for all of you!

I hope you all have enjoyed the gift guides this week! Is there anything you’re still looking for for yourself or your loved ones? Leave me a comment and let me know! Come back next week to see my gift guides for stocking stuffers! Hope you have a great weekend!



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