Packing for two weeks in a carry-on? I never thought I’d be able to do it, but I finally did and it made our trip to Italy this fall so much better! From the ease of getting in and out of the airport and trains quickly to not fussing over what to wear each day, I cannot recommend packing light enough.

My husband and I had been planning a trip to Italy since 2019, but when the pandemic hit, our plans kept getting paused. We finally saw an opening for the trip this past Thanksgiving and jumped on the opportunity. We started our trip in Rome and went to Florence and Venice before coming home. We took trains to get everywhere and took a few day trips from Florence to explore vineyards, restaurants and the Tuscan countryside. Once we planned our trip, I knew packing lighter would make the trip a lot easier and more enjoyable for me and Will.

Maximizing your travel outfit will help immensely with your packing especially if you are traveling somewhere cold and need a thick jacket. I wore mine on the plane along with a heavy sweater and scarf. I had these clothes washed when we landed because I had been wearing them for about 24 hours and I planned to re-wear them for the flight home.

Black Zara Scarf, Black Sweater, Black Away Bigger Carry-on, Black MZ Wallace Large Tote
Black Joggers, Black and White Vejas, Black RP Coat

Since I planned out all of our activities and dinner reservations in advance, I knew what kind of clothes I would need for each day. From there, I picked a color scheme. This sounds a little odd, but by making sure my three pairs of shoes matched with everything I packed, I saved a ton of room in my suitcase!

Everyday Earring Set, Cashmere Sweater, Gold Hoop Earrings, White oversized Poplin Blouse, Black Sweater, White long sleeve tee x3, Mini Kelly Dupe, Sam Edelman Mules, Black Zara Imitation Leather Leggings, Re/Done Stovepipe Jeans, Mint Green Bikini, Nordstrom Pajama Set x2, Barbour Jacket, Black and White Vejas, Gucci Dupe Slides

I love traveling with the Bigger Carry-on from Away. I was able to comfortably fit all of these items and a few more I bought along the way. I found that rolling items like t-shirts and pajamas really saved a lot of room and my items weren’t too wrinkled once we landed.

Packing light was definitely more doable than I expected and made our trip so much more enjoyable. Jumping on and off of trains was a breeze and it wasn’t even that bad dragging my suitcase down cobblestone streets. I would highly recommend it for your next trip as well!



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